Dynamics 365 Spring ’18 Release Notes


The latest release notes for Dynamics 365 are now available here

There is a massive amount of information in these release notes (over 200 pages!), and information on new features, updates and improvements to a whole range of the Dynamics 365 ecosystem.


  • GDPR
  • Marketing
  • Social
  • Sales
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Customer Service
  • Portal
  • VoC
  • Field Service
  • Project Service
  • Finance and Operations
  • Retail
  • Talent
  • Business Central
  • Power Apps
  • CDS
  • Flow
  • Power BI

There really is some awesome information and improvements.

Are Certifications Still Relevant?

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I sat the first of my Dynamics 365 Certification exams this week (MB2-715 …….Which I passed 🙂 ) and after I checked my transcript, realized that I have been sitting these since CRM 4 back in around 2008.

It occurred to me that, actually I have found less and less focus on certifications over the years, and wondered if they are still relevant?

In that past, organisations often expressed a requirement for their consultants to have the certifications. In fact it is still the case that Microsoft partners, CSP’s etc need a quota of certified people working for them. But as a consultant, are they still relevant?

Actually……yes, I think they are.

For a start, it still does give you that stamp of authenticity, that you know what you’re talking about. Now I know some would argue that it’s easy to just memorize answers or use cheat sheets, but lets be fair….. it’s in no ones interest to just solely rely on memory. You’ll soon come unstuck.

Secondly – and this is something that I found in preparing for the 715 cert – Its a great way to highlight your own gaps in knowledge. I was surprised, even after all these years, how much I needed just to brush up, especially with the move from on-prem to cloud deployments, and the licensing and app considerations.

So, in my personal opinion, certs are still valid and relevant in today’s technical world. With that in mind…… MB2-716 is next for me!



hello world! (The re-birth)

hello_worldSo…..I guess this is my first post. Problem is, its not, however this blog, or rather the hosting company suffered a major Failure earlier in the year, which led to nearly 2 months downtime! At the end of it all the hosting company couldn’t restore my posts, and I guess I have to share some of that blame for not backing them up myself (How stupid to expect my hosting provide to do it properly!).

So after a few tantrums, strongly worded emails (In the traditional British way!) and a bit of a sulk, I have decided to re-start the blog, and to be honest, Now that I’ve had a time to think about it, I actually feel its not a bad move. Thinking back on some of my posts (going back to 2008!) technology and my experience has changed so much. How much of what I wrote about then, is actually still relevant? Even my own experience has changed so much in the last couple of years, so maybe a refresh isn’t a bad thing?

And that brings me to the ethos behind this new and improved, or re-born blog – CRM as a concept.

So sit tight for a fun filled roller coaster of CRM emotions (Actually I just hope you read beyond this post!)