hello world! (The re-birth)

hello_worldSo…..I guess this is my first post. Problem is, its not, however this blog, or rather the hosting company suffered a major Failure earlier in the year, which led to nearly 2 months downtime! At the end of it all the hosting company couldn’t restore my posts, and I guess I have to share some of that blame for not backing them up myself (How stupid to expect my hosting provide to do it properly!).

So after a few tantrums, strongly worded emails (In the traditional British way!) and a bit of a sulk, I have decided to re-start the blog, and to be honest, Now that I’ve had a time to think about it, I actually feel its not a bad move. Thinking back on some of my posts (going back to 2008!) technology and my experience has changed so much. How much of what I wrote about then, is actually still relevant? Even my own experience has changed so much in the last couple of years, so maybe a refresh isn’t a bad thing?

And that brings me to the ethos behind this new and improved, or re-born blog – CRM as a concept.

So sit tight for a fun filled roller coaster of CRM emotions (Actually I just hope you read beyond this post!)


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